It was a dark and stormy night… a solitary figure leaped, ninja-style, over a chain link fence into the No-Man’s-Land of a demolition zone and moved furtively amongst the rubble. The mission: to retrieve pulverized fragments of the Little Mountain Housing Project, British Columbia’s first and most successful social housing complex.

Diverted from the landfill and saved from oblivion, these precious fragments are now available to those with an interest in social justice and an affordable city. Packaged as “Medium-Ground Social Housing,” these rare artifacts are being sold to help fund the completion of The Little Mountain Film, a new documentary by filmmaker David Vaisbord (Dark Pines, Drawing Out the Demons).


The Medium-Ground Social Housing is available for purchase at only $25 per ounce.

Check out what’s written on the thank you card below!


How to buy it:

Send a CHEQUE to David Vaisbord for $25

Make it payable to

David Vaisbord
348 East 40th Avenue,
Vancouver BC V5W 1L9



“It’s an imagination product,” says the filmmaker, “It’s surprising how once you get your hands on it and think about the history of the place and the thousands of families who lived there, your imagination takes over.” To that end, Vaisbord will launched an on-line contest to solicit ideas on ways to re-use the ground-up housing.



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