The Little Mountain Film – Crowdfunding Trailer (2014) from David Vaisbord on Vimeo.


The 6-week INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign RAISED NEARLY $25,000 of its $50,000 and for that reason we will continue to campaign to reach our FINAL GOAL.

The Indiegogo Campaign is over, but you can still contribute to this campaign!

Send a CHEQUE for any amount – Chose a PERK that you like.

Make it payable to

David Vaisbord
348 East 40th Avenue,
Vancouver BC V5W 1L9


Remember to SPECIFY what PERK you want!


Winds of Change

A thank you and shoutout in our Little Mountain Film Facebook site.

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A Seed in the Ground

You will receive a signed postcard from David, thanking you for your participation. Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Medium Ground Social Housing

Diverted from the landfill and saved from oblivion, precious fragments of the Little Mountain Housing Project are now available for purchase.

Each PILLOW PACK contains 1oz/29g of ground social housing and entitles the bearer to a THANK YOU CREDIT in the film. Want to gift it to a friend? Enter their info in the shipping address.

Note: Add $10 for shipping in Canada,  $15 for shipping to US.

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Little Mountain Medium Ground Social Housing









Community Gardener

Receive a digital download of the finished version of the Little Mountain Film – the film you made possible!

18 claimed



A Raised Bed

Receive a digital download of the finished version of the Little Mountain Film! PLUS an invitation to the after party in Vancouver after our premiere screening!

7 claimed



The Collaborators

Want to hold the film in your hands and lovingly display it on your mantle with a sign saying “I made this happen”? Well you can! Receive a signed DVD of the film, PLUS an invite to the after party.

Note: Add $10 for shipping in Canada,  $15 for shipping to US.

BONUS DVD: Free DVD of David’s Award-winning documentary: “Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man”.  Available in limited quantity. Listed below with other perks.

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Community Watch Dogs Book yourself a ticket to the premiere screenings! No need to line up to pay for tickets, they’ll be waiting for you at the box office. Includes a DVD of the completed film, and a special THANK YOU in the film. BONUS DVD included (see description above) and after party invite.

49 out of 200 claimed



Community Reflections

Receive a stunning 24″x24″ signed limited edition colour photographic print of the montage of Sammy and Joan at Little Mountain (pictured below). Be inspired by their courage and determination in the face of power. Retail value over $400. Note: Add $50 for mail/courier service in Canada. A special THANK YOU in the film, and BONUS DVD included (see description above), and after party invite.

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Framing the Experience

You and David Vaisbord will frame the 24″x 24″ photographic print of the Sammy and Joan montage. He’ll answer any questions you may have as you explore your hidden framing talents. Photograph includes 24″x24″x1″ black metal exhibition frame, no-matting, glass, archival backing, hardware, and some good conversation. A special THANK YOU in the film, and BONUS DVD included (see description above), and after party invite. Cannot be mailed. Delivery is in-person at Opus Framing in Vancouver.

1 out of 5 claimed

Maddi and Sam&JoanPhotograph_24x24


For a New Generation

David Vaisbord will visit your school or office and give an inspirational seminar on his “Six Block Documentary” and “Hyperlocal” community filmmaking processes. Students will learn the lessons of The Little Mountain Project and engage in exercises aimed at sharpening their perception of their world, and their skills at documenting it. Included: 10 DVD copies of the film and a big THANK YOU to your school or business in the film. If outside Vancouver, travel expenses required.

1 out of 10 claimed



Date Night

Bring a friend and celebrate with the filmmaker at a dinner prior to the screening of the finished film that you helped make. Includes: 2 seats at the dinner | 2 seats at the premier event | after party | all DVDs and a special THANK YOU in the film’s credits.

1 out of 10 claimed



City Builder

As a CITY BUILDER you will receive updates on the progress of the film, an invite to a pre-screening feedback event, and the celebration dinner. Includes: SPECIAL credit in the film | 2 seats at the dinner | 2 seats at Premier | after party | all DVDs.

1 out of 5 claimed



Community Builder

As a COMMUNITY BUILDER you become a creative collaborator and receive invites to test screenings and discussion panels. Includes participation in test screenings and discussions on the film during important moments in the editing process of the documentary. Be a part of the journey. Includes: Two seats at the Celebration Dinner | 2 seats at the Premiere | a SPECIAL credit on the film | after party | all DVDs.

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Don Davies Interviewed by David Vaisbord for The Little Mountain Film from David Vaisbord on Vimeo.


Great documentaries enrich the lives of individuals and communities. They have a unique ability to engage and connect people, transform communities, and improve societies.  During the last six years David Vaisbord has been successful in serving as a voice for his local community. Now, a team of dedicated individuals want to produce the feature documentary that tells this powerful David and Goliath story to a wider audience.

Documentary filmmaking is an expensive endeavor, and because Canadian broadcasters no longer support independent producers such as myself, we have turned to more creative fundraising techniques such as crowd-sourcing. Crowd-sourcing campaigns succeed on their ability to reach their intended audience.


Thank you!

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