The Little Mountain Campaign

Just over one week into our Indiegogo campaign and things are starting off well. So far we’ve raised $2,355 from 25 different supporters and are thankful for every penny (oh I guess we don’t do pennies anymore – we’re thankful for the nickels then!).  It has been inspiring to see the word about our campaign spreading to old and new supporters – thank you to everyone who has shared the project. “The story of Little Mountain… helps us to remember that there was a living breathing community here” – David Chudnovsky. I just posted an incredible video from former NDP MLA (Vancouver-Kensington) and BCTF President who played a huge role in protesting against the destruction of Little Mountain and continues to be a vocal supporter of social housing and action against homelessness. Find him on twitter @DavidChudnovsky. Watch the video HERE Persistence of Vision: the Documentary Filmmaker. “Making documentaries takes stamina, determination, passion, and consumes years of a filmmaker’s life.” Michael JS Cox took the time to sit down with me to do an interview about the incredible journey I’ve been on over the last 6 years as I documented the events at Little Mountain. This was for his podcast Conversations with Courage. Listen[…]

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